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laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.3.0 GitHub

24 May 2022

  • Updated php-bitcoinrpc branch 2.2.x

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.9 GitHub

07 Dec 2018

  • Updated php-bitcoinrpc version to 2.1.x
  • Bumped mininum required PHP version to 7.1.
  • Fixed incorrect default config behaviour.
  • Added preserve_case setting.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.8.1 GitHub

02 Dec 2018

  • Locked php-bitcoinrpc dependency to branch 2.0.x. Fixes #14

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.8 GitHub

09 Oct 2018

  • Added ability to get response data as laravel collection.
    Check docs for more info.
  • Added client and response class
    Note: if you’re using automatic injection, make sure that you’re hinting Denpa\Bitcoin\LaravelClient instead of Denpa\Bitcoin\Client.
  • Code cleanup
  • Improved tests

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.7 GitHub

20 Sep 2018

  • Updated php-bitcoinrpc to v2.0.10
  • Added Auto-Discovery for facade
  • Added sequence check for ZeroMQ messages
  • Improved tests
  • Removed outdated dependencies

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.6 GitHub

14 Sep 2018

  • Updated php-bitcoinrpc to v2.0.9
  • Updated and improved documentation

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.4 GitHub

08 Sep 2018

  • Updated php-bitcoinrpc to version 2.0.8 (fixes #8)

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.3 GitHub

08 Sep 2018

  • Improved config consistency across php-bitcoinrpc and laravel-bitcoinrpc

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.2 GitHub

08 Sep 2018

  • Changed the way to access multiple daemon configurations. You can now send requests to different daemons with bitcoind()->client($name) call. (e. g. bitcoind()->client('litecoin')->getBlock('...')) (see Configuration and Multiple Instances for more info)
  • Removed unused facade

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.11 GitHub

08 Dec 2019

  • Added ability to set connection timeout

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.10 GitHub

27 Feb 2019

  • Removed dependency on “laravel/support” (thanks reinierkors)

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.1 GitHub

06 Sep 2018

  • Support for laravel 5.7 (thanks @CryDeTaan)

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.2.0 GitHub

06 Sep 2018

  • Added ability to have multiple configurations for different daemons (see Configuration and Multiple Instances) (thanks @M-Shahbaz for feature request)
  • Code cleanup

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.1.3 GitHub

25 Aug 2018

  • Updated dependencies

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.1.2 GitHub

09 Apr 2018

  • Updated dependencies
  • Removed dependency on deprecated codeclimate reporter.
  • Support for Laravel 5.6 (Thanks @kemalevren)

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.1.1 GitHub

17 Aug 2017

  • Updated php-bitcoinrpc package to 2.x branch.
  • Added tests.

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.1.0 GitHub

02 May 2017

  • Added bitcoind() helper.
  • Added Bitcoind facade.
  • Minor fixes.

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.0.1 GitHub

01 Feb 2017

Fix issues with autoloading.

laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.0.0 GitHub

01 Feb 2017

Initial stable release of Bitcoin JSON-RPC client based on php-bitcoinrpc.

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