Simple Configuration

Environment Configuration (.env)

You can use Environment Configuration file to configure laravel-bitcoind.

You must have at least following options defined:

BITCOIND_USER=(rpcuser from bitcoin.conf)
BITCOIND_PASSWORD=(rpcpassword from bitcoin.conf)

See ./config/bitcoind.php and .env.example files to learn more about supported options and their descriptions.

Configuration file

Alternatively, you can directly define your configuration in config/bitcoind.php:


return [
        'default' => [
            'scheme'        => 'http',
            'host'          => 'localhost',
            'port'          => 8332,
            'user'          => '(rpcuser from bitcoin.conf)',     // required
            'password'      => '(rpcpassword from bitcoin.conf)', // required
            'ca'            => null,
            'preserve_case' => false,
            'zeromq'        => null,