Accessing Properties

Calling RPC method, yields an instance of Denpa\Bitcoin\BitcoindResponse class, which provides different ways to access and process response data.

Array Access

You can work with response as regular php array.

// $block = bitcoind()->getBlock($blockhash);
if (isset($block['height'])) {
    echo $block['height'];

Dot Notation

Any of the methods listed in Response Methods can be used on certain path provided as dot notation.

// $block = bitcoind()->getBlock($blockhash);
$txid = '5f2a97541613c5122290e17a6c654c443338e895d79b7131622778f6f798f851';
if ($block('tx')->contains($txid)) {
	// block contains transaction with this txid

or get certain value

// $block = bitcoind()->getBlock($blockhash);
echo $block('tx.0');