Asynchronous Request

Making asynchronous request

You can make asynchronous RPC call by appending Async keyword1 to the method name.

// Synchronous request
// will block further execution, until request is complete
$hash = bitcoind()->getBestBlockHash();

// Asynchronous request
// won't block further execution, calling the callback once complete
bitcoind()->getBestBlockHashAsync([], function ($hash) {

In example below, getBlock() and getRawTransaction() methods are executed in parallel.

$hash = '000000004b7701d94a3aa295aed12e1b25d8d6a9a0ae939fbe8bacc7fc22cf82';
$txid = 'fc481a3e827523e3c42c55893baa3d0e16186d8738fd591b134c57450abfadb7';

bitcoind()->getBlockAsync($hash, function ($block) {
    // got block info

bitcoind()->getRawTransactionAsync([$txid, true], function ($transaction) {
    // got transaction info

Handle errors

You can provide callable as optional third parameter, that will be called in case of request failure.

    function ($hash) {
        // do something on success
    function (\Exception $exception) {
        // handle errors
        echo $exception->getMessage();
  1. As with method names, keyword Async is case-insensitive and can be used as async to match your code style.